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  • Mission And Purpose

    ● Purify environment benefit society

    As a local environmental protection company in Suzhou, it is the mission and purpose of the company to manage many sewage companies in Suzhou and the whole...

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    Suzhou H&H Environmental Treatment Co.,Ltd.

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    Established in 1997, Suzhou Xinghuo Environmental Purification Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive utilization of financing sources, clean production, ecological design and sustainable development, and reorganizes economic activities into “resource utilization—products – waste – resource regeneration”. The feedback cycle process and the “low-mining, high-utilization, low-emission” cycle model emphasize the hazardous waste treatment companies in which the economic system and the natural ecosystem coexist harmoniously.

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    Core Business

    Industrial waste

    According to the characteristics of each wastewater, it is pre-treated accordingly. After the refractory pollutants are partially removed, the wastewater is collected into...

    Waste mineral oil and grease

    The waste mineral oil is first filtered and sent to a qualified incineration unit for incineration. Then the filtrate is decolorized, broken, and the sewage is taken into the different...

    Environmental Emergency Service Center

    As an environmental emergency service center designated by the Environmental Protection Agency, for sudden environmental incidents in Suzhou City,the company's emergency....

    Green destruction

    The company’s green destruction business has changed the traditional incineration mode, taking crushing,recycling of counterfeit and shoddy goods by means of chemical...

    Water treatment engineering

    Undertake industrial water treatment systems and provide total solutions. The company takes environmental protection, water conservation and energy conservation as its mission...

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    The company's main service industries are electronics, chemicals, textile industry, paint processing industry, paint processing industry, daily necessities, food industry, rubber processing industry, metal products industry, plastics processing industry, machinery processing industry and so on.

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